christian speaker, christian minister, apostlePatrice has been in ministry for nearly twenty years. After a dramatic conversion while he was in secondary school, the Lord immediately called Him to lead those hungry to follow. He was soon leading youth meetings in school and churches, organising conferences at a regional and national level and was already a powerful Teacher of the Word.

He also saw revival unfold before His eyes, reached the lost, preached to the converted and demonstrated the power of the Holy Spirit. It was at this point, when his home country of Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) was experiencing a new, powerful and exciting move of the Lord, that the Lord called him out of the land to the UK.

The promise of a Christian nation, and the prospect of seeing the legacy of mighty men of God, such a Rees Howells, excited Patrice during the weeks approaching his move. However, the reality of this Christian land was not easy to witness! But the Lord had a plan, and led his beloved Son, as He led King David, to his own Cave of Adullam, where he was in obscurity, humbled, and in training for greater things of the Kingdom.

It was during this time that his heart’s cry for a helpmate was answered, as he found his wife, Rachael – The one prepared to go through the desert, through obscurity, through the sacrifices with him; all that Jesus might be glorified!

In 2006 Patrice was called out from the Cave, and released from training, equipped and prepared, to carry out the work of the Lord and extend the Kingdom of God. It was in this year that Adullam Mighty Warrior Ministries was born.

Today Patrice is a fully trained Apostolic Leader, who is passionate about seeing the Fivefold Ministry operate effectively in the Body of Christ. He has sacrificed much for His beloved Jesus but has no greater joy than when He is serving the One who called Him.

Second to His love of the Lord, is His love and commitment to his wife and their two children, delighting to enjoy time out together, relaxing as a family, as a church, with Jesus their Lord!

The Lord has given Patrice a clear picture of His Church and His Bride, which He is longing to see and to return for. And in order to play his part in accomplishing the readiness of the Bride for Her Groom, and in addition to ministry and training, Patrice also works tirelessly in business. Such work involves starting new businesses, training others in business and overseeing various business projects. All to generate resources for the Body of Christ, so she may stand and shine, radiant and glorious.


pastorThe Lord has always played a very special part in Rachael’s life and she felt a calling to leadership on her life from a young age; yet the road was never straightforward or easy. Even though there were times when life was bleak, the Lord was always faithful, and in spite of experiencing the draw of the miry clay, Jesus remained a true Saviour and she learned the daily transforming power of Salvation, and the joy of choosing life!

Since marrying Patrice, receiving training from the Lord and those whom the Lord brought along their paths, she now walks with lasting purpose and joy. She functions fully in Pastoral office and perfectly compliments Patrice in his calling. She loves being a mother, to her children and to the church. She is always ready to welcome people and enjoys seeing people being able to relax and enjoy the love of the Lord in her home.

Her creative, enigmatic and loving nature is expressed in many different ways, and the Lord has enabled her to develop many gifts and talents to become proficient in many aspects of graphic and Website design. She also loves photography and capturing the details of a moment. Yet her creativity is also expressed in her personal walk with her Saviour, for there is nothing that edifies her more than hearing Him speak in words and in pictures, as she continues to grow into a visionary for Him.

Rachael also loves to sing, and her voice is one that needs to be heard to be believed! The presence of the Lord can truly be felt during times of worship as she ministers through song. It is a powerful vehicle that the Lord uses to touch the very hearts of its listeners, and enable people to enter boldly the throne room of the King.

She also loves to spend time with the family and is renowned for her cwtch (or cuddle) factor, as well as her smile! She loves the garden, especially producing tasty home-grown veggies, and loves prayer-walking with the dog! She has a heart for the lost and longs for people to experience the joy of living life in full abundance.

She is a great help and support to her husband, and together they are a formidable, loving team, and living example of the love of Jesus.