After years of successful public ministry in the body of Christ, the Lord called us to the desert just as Philip, the evangelist, was called from the revival in Samaria (Acts 8:5-8) to the desert (Acts 8:26-40). Philip’s ministry changed from ministering to the masses to ministering (as in Samaria) to an individual in the desert (i.e. The Ethiopian Eunuch).

The Lord did the same thing with us and through our original ministry (Adullam Mighty Warriors Ministries launched in 2006)! We ministered to and equipped various individuals, members of the body of Christ, from various parts of the globe. We used Internet Technology to reach his people internationally. We had the privilege to mentor those the Lord led to us for training, particularly in the prophetic. Some are still in touch with us and others have moved on to fulfill their calling. Today our original prophetic training site ( is one of the most popular sites regarding the prophetic.

It was a time of obscurity for us, which we refer to as “the cave experience”! Just as David was removed from the limelight in Israel and hid in the Cave of Adullam where he trained his mighty men, so the Lord called us to train the Mighty Men and warriors he brought along our path; hence the name Adullam Mighty Warriors Ministries.

But just as David was instructed to leave the cave and return to Israel to serve the masses again, at the beginning of 2009, the Lord started preparing us to leave the cave. It wasn’t easy as we were getting comfortable with the experience. We were enjoying seeing lives transformed, people who had lost confidence and faith in the church find hope, and seeing people who would never set foot in a church building meet with Christ.

But at the same time, we also knew that the Lord called us to the cave to train us and prepare ourselves for the greater things in the kingdom. We could not keep the treasures He gave us from reaching a wider proportion of His people. So we started to prepare to leave the comfort (and obscurity) of the cave, and by 2010 things became even clearer and the Lord confirmed it was indeed time to step out! It was in that year that we had our first ever mission trip overseas and established a connection with a local church, here in Swansea, on the site of the former Bible College of Wales.

Much of 2011 was spent serving the local church. It wasn’t until the  beginning 2012 that the Lord changed the focus of our ministry and gave us a new name to reflect the new priorities and new direction He was leading us in. So our ministry name changed from Adullam Mighty Warriors Ministries to Global Church Ministries Network (GCMNet). GCMNet is about: Networking, Equipping and Building the Church. The Lord said that the time of the cave was completely over  and that now was the time to be seen and heard. It is now time to restore the tabernacle of David to the church. It was now time for the church to rise up and shine.

As a prophetic and apostolic ministry, the Lord has called us to equip the saints for the work of ministry. Our focus is about raising a workforce that will build the church according the biblical pattern. One of the things the Lord put on our hearts during those years in obscurity was His longing to see His Bride ready. The Lord showed us that the greatest sign of His return was the readiness of His Bride  – as a Groom, He couldn’t wait to be reunited with His Bride! Preparing the Bride of Christ for His soon coming has become our passion. He showed us His love for Her and His desire to restore her to that Glorious Church that He is coming back for.

Global Church Ministries Network is also the fulfillment of a vision the Lord gave Patrice back in 2000. In that vision, an old book with missing pages was suspended in space. As the vision went on, pages started to fill the book until it was complete. Then a cover come over the book and covered it. The book changed from being old to a bright and shining book.Then a hand stretched toward the book to take it. The Lord  spoke and said, “Patrice, Take my word to the nations”. The next scene that followed was Patrice standing in a ship going to the nations.

We believe Global Church Ministries Network  is the Ship going to the Nations. Global Church Ministries Network is no ordinary ship, it is an Aircraft Carrier. What is an Aircraft Carrier? What does it do? Here is what Wikipedia says,

An aircraft carrier is a warship designed with a primary mission of deploying and recovering aircraft, acting as a seagoing airbase. Aircraft carriers thus allow a naval force to project airpower worldwide without having to depend on local bases for staging aircraft operations.

Each aircraft representing individual ministries and churches in the network. Our mission is equip and deploy churches and ministries to be effective on the mission field. During missions, churches, ministries, ministers can get hurt, grow weary and become empty and dry. They can return to GCMNet for recovery and be redeployed.