The purpose of networking and equipping church ministries here at Global Church Ministries Network is to help build the church that Jesus is coming to take unto Himself. Jesus is coming back for His church, a glorious church, the beautiful bride of Christ. Speaking about her John said,

Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. ” Revelations 21:

What will she look like? The new church will be glorious and powerful. She will be spotless, without wrinkle, without blemish. She will be beautiful a true bride adorned for her groom Jesus Christ. She will be deeply in love with the lover of her soul. She will become the light and the salt of the world to give it hope. She will be a bright city set on the hill and her light will draw many to her, just as moths are attracted to light.

In the new church every believer will be anointed with power, every group in the new church will be in revival, and revival power will be available to every group and everywhere. It will be a church where every believer will be filled with the word of God. It is a church where every part of the body knows and recognises the other parts. A church where each part of the body intricately relates to the other parts of the body so to function as a living organism.

This is what Global Church Ministries Network will endouver to be and achieve. We will ensure that our churches dont turn into a big head, and become paralysed from the neck down! We will ensure that it is NOT only leaders who have the monopoly of the work of ministry. We will stand against Control and any attempt to prevent other parts of the body from finding their place and functioning properly.

Global Church Ministries Network is called to build a church based on the true apostolic and prophetic foundations.It is a church where each of the fivefold ministries will be in place leading the church and every member knowing and finding their place within that church. Together they will make up a living body, the Body of Christ, with Christ himself being the chief cornerstone and the Head.

We believe that as we do so, the church will rise up to become the Bride and the Mighty Warrior that she is called to be. She will become a deadly weapon against the kingdom of darkness. And The kingdom of the world will become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever Amen Come Lord Jesus!”

Two thousands years ago, the Lord Jesus started the church with the first network that we know as the 12 disciples who became apostles. He choose twelve men, equipped them and trained them. Those twelve men (the fivefold ministry the leadership) and a hundred and eight others (members – body ministries) started the New Testament church, the early church, as the Holy Spirit fell on them the day of Pentecost. A mighty move of God started and conquered even the mighty Roman Empire.

We cannot succeed by following another pattern. As we follow the same pattern, we too will experience the next move of God, the New Move in these end times. This is what Global Church Ministries Network is called to do. If you share the same passion, then we invite you to join this exciting new spiritual family.

Global Church Ministries Network welcomes all bible-believing ministries and local church expressions including house churches, emergent churches, simple churches, organic churches, non-denominational churches, family churches etc…