Membership Levels

We are currently offering four levels of membership: Executive Level Membership, Standard Membership, The Solomon Business Angels and the Friends of GCMNet.

About Patrice & Rachael Aka

Patrice has been in ministry for nearly twenty years. After a dramatic conversion while he was in secondary school, the Lord immediately called Him to lead those hungry to follow. He was soon leading youth meetings in school and churches, organising conferences at a regional and national level and was already a powerful Teacher of the Word.

The Lord has always played a very special part in Rachael’s life and she felt a calling to leadership on her life from a young age; yet the road was never straightforward or easy. Even though there were times when life was bleak, the Lord was always faithful…

Who Are We?

Global Church Ministries International is an Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry Network raised by the Lord to prepare the Bride of Christ for His soon coming.