Here at Global Church Ministries Network, we strongly believe in networking. We believe that no one local church or ministry can prepare the church for the return of Christ. It is going to take every church, every ministry, every believer in the body of Christ to achieve this. We want you to know that we need you! We need your help to network ministries, churches and coworkers from around the world so we can build and grow together as a family in Him.

The church is Gods field and building and we have been called to be Fellow Workers or Coworkers in Christ. It is not about who is the boss or who is in charge; it is not about who is the greatest and who is the least. It is about networking to build his church. The network makes sure that there is order and structure in the work, it makes sure that there is accountability among coworkers, it makes sure that all the wolves in the clothes of sheep are easily detected and exposed . Global Church Ministries Network will ensure that the churches are always provided for in ministry. Ministries were given to the church and not the other way around. We want to ensure that ministries serve the church effectively.

Networking to us is about relationship, fellowship and friendship. We want to develop relationhips and friendship and fellowship with all our members at all levels. It is on this basis that we will be able to build together as one body. In doing so, Global Church Ministries Network will help join and knit the body together, and maintain theunityof theSpiritin the bond of peace.